Ten exhibition spaces across approx. 5,000 square metres - Lehmbruck Museum is a marvellous space for art-lovers. And the museum offers a broad range of activities and experiences to enable people to get to know the place better.

Public tours of Lehmbruck Museum - every Sunday at 11.30 a.m.
Our tours aim to give you a closer insight into the Lehmbruck Museum and its varied collections. Every Sunday at 11.30 a.m., we invite you to a public tour lasting approximately one and a half hours. In the tour, our art educators will cover a variety of topics: Sometimes the focus is the collection itself, while at other times it will be one of the temporary exhibitions or a particular aspect within the theme of sculpture.

You can of course also book a private group tour, attend presentations, or get creative yourself. The museum offers a broad range of activities for all visitor groups and their respectively different needs. These include services for visually or hearing-impaired visitors, or those suffering from different stages of dementia.

All the details and dates of the events can be found on our calendar. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to book an individual tour.

Group tours
For different target groups

Lehmbruck Lectures


  • Holiday programme
  • Art for two
  • Open Saturday
  • Youth meets art
  • Open studio for people with dementia

Art Education at Lehmbruck Museum, Photo: Sonja Rothweiler


Our art education is generously supported by the Stiftung der Gründerfamilie Wilhelm Grillo and


Art Education
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