Teachers and school groups

Lehmbruck Museum is a popular destination for school outings. The extensive sculpture collection enables students to quickly develop a sense for three-dimensional works and art in the space. In the process, they can enjoy observing the sculptures thoroughly from all sides and this enables them to obtain crucial insights. The numerous exhibits also convey an impression of more recent art history, the development process behind the works, the different materials, and how art and society repeatedly dovetail.

Individual services

There are various services for teachers and their school groups specifically tailored to the school curriculum and the needs of each particular age group. These range from classic tours and workshops to informative events for each new exhibition, as well as further training courses for teachers. It is also possible to arrange individually designed teacher training courses.


Das Foto zeigt Schülerinnen im Lehmbruck Museum.

Students in Lehmbruck Museum


Themes for tours

Primary level

1. Exploring the museum
2. Wilhelm Lehmbruck, a sculptor from Duisburg
3. Sculpture and statuary - what are they?
4. Body language - depicting human beings in art
5. Material and technique
6. Salvaged items in the Museum /Pieces made of scrap and waste
7. Mother and child
8. War and peace
9. Tour for the development of language skills
10. Art in sound - art in motion
11. Magical tour
12. Print workshop

Junior and senior high school

1. Centralized "Abitur"
2. Art history, styles and epochs
3. Important figures in art and artistic strategies
4. Sculpture in the 20th century - how sculpture has developed from Lehmbruck to today
5. Art and current affairs - "Degenerate Art"
6. Art in the public space - sculpture as design and provocation
7. How does a museum work? - Museum structures and professions
8. Language learning in the museum - conversational excercises in English, French or German as a foreign language
9. Figuration and abstraction
10. Sketches and print graphics

Special themes can be arranged individually.


Das Foto zeigt eine Schulklasse im Lehmbruck Museum.

School group in Lehmbruck Museum

Information and registration

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Lehmbruck Museum is easy to reach using the local Deutsche Bahn rail connections. You can find special ticket offers for school groups via this link: https://www.klasseunterwegs.de/