Wilhelm Lehmbruck. A Life

Studio exhibition
Running time: March 23, 2019 through to January 24, 2021

The studio exhibition “Wilhelm Lehmbruck. A Life” traces the life and early work of the famous Duisburg artist by way of unique documents, recordings and artworks. The studio exhibition was conceived on the occasion of the jubilee show “Beauty. Lehmbruck & Rodin – Masters of Modernism” held around the 100th anniversary of the sculptor’s death, which was on view at the Lehmbruck Museum until August 2019.

With seldom shown works from his early career, “Wilhelm Lehmbruck. A Life” illuminates a facet of the artist that has been little known to the public thus far and that shows the radicalism with which the artist’s ideal of beauty changed before his early death in the year 1919.



Das Foto zeigt eine Skulptur von Wilhelm Lehmbruck, die ihn selbst in jungen Jahren darstellt.

Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Self portrait, 1898, Photo: Bernd Kirtz


These early works include a self-portrait of the young Lehmbruck, as well as the copy of a bust of queen Luise by Gottfried Schadow. The equestrian statue of Johann Wilhelm II, Elector Palatine (“Jan Wellem”) shown in the exhibition further represents what must be one of the most unusual works by Wilhelm Lehmbruck. It is a copy of Gabriel Grupello’s monument to the electoral prince and helped the young Lehmbruck to finance his studies. Further works and texts from his life complete the image of the artist.