Aesthetic learning for nursery-age children

Lehmbruck Museum provides a number of educational services for children of nursery or pre-school age that are destined to foster aesthetic learning and the development of language skills.

Aesthetic early learning

Experience and discovery are two of the most important foundations of aesthetic learning in the museum. We therefore offer our younger visitors plenty of options for an intense encounter with art that relies on their senses. The programmes are playful and fun, exciting and interesting, and involve creative work with a variety of different materials.

Tours for all stages of pre-school education:
- Body language - working with clay and wire
- Art up close - building emotional inroads
- Discovery tour of the museum - collage and frottage
- Experiencing colour I - mixing liquid paints

Tours for older pre-school children:
- Experiencing colour II - colours and pigments
- Portrait and feeling - making masks
- Art in sound, art in motion - bulding instruments
- Art or garbage? - Sculptures made of scrap
- Round and square - material assemblage
- Magical tour - magic tricks and accessories
- Tour for the development of language skills

Developing language skills in the museum

The idea of fostering language skills through art stems from the very nature of the works. Since what is contemporary art, after all, if we do not talk about it? Together with the art educators, children aged four and upwards can embark on an enjoyable discovery tour of the museum. The basic idea of the tours is to create talking points in which the children are prompted to search for expressions or even to tell entire stories about the works of art. The art and the museum space are an inspiring environment worth utilizing here. The new impressions and expressions can be applied in aesthetic creative practice, too, and are thus all the more memorable.


Das Foto zeigt Kinder, die im Skulpturenhof des Museums spielen.

Children from Kindergarten in the Sculpture Yard of the Museum

Information and registration

Art Education
Lehmbruck Museum
T: +49 (0)203 283-2195
Available by telephone:
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
kunstvermittlung [at] lehmbruckmuseum [dot] de

The cost for tours for nursery groups and similar organizations including a workshop is EUR 55 per group for 90 minutes or EUR 80 per group for 120 minutes.