Underground art

Duisburg’s seven underground stations are not just places for transportation, but at the same time art venues: This is because artists were involved in the design from the very outset.

Great importance was attached to creativity when it came to designing Duisburg’s underground stations. Instead of monotonous and dark walls, the idea was for friendly colours and varied concepts to characterize the stations below the ground. All seven stations thus feature a fascinating, creative design. For five of the stations – Rathaus, König-Heinrich-Platz, Hauptbahnhof, Meiderich Bahnhof and Auf dem Damm – artists including Gerhard Richter and Isa Genzken were brought in to work closely with the architects.


Das Foto zeigt die U-Bahn-Station "am Duisburger Rathaus.

Underground Station Rathaus, Artist: Manfred Vogel / Architect: Helmut Kohl (Duisburg)

An overview of the underground stations:

  • Underground station König-Heinrich-Platz, artists: Isa Genzken and Gerhard Richter / architect: Hans Ulrich Zigan
  • Underground station Rathaus, artist: Manfred Vogel / architect: Helmut Kohl (Duisburg)
  • Underground station Hauptbahnhof, artist: Yael Niemeyer / architect: Heido Stumpf
  • Underground station Meiderich Bahnhof, artist: Tomas Riehle / architect: Jörg Husarek
  • Underground station Auf dem Damm, artist: Eberhard Bosslet / architect: Kornelia Raberg and Heinrich Jochems
  • Underground station Duissern, architecture and wall design: Inge von Tolkacz
  • Underground station Steinsche Gasse, architecture and wall design: Gunnar and Walter Volkmann