Me and My Machine
An Exhibition of Art Education


Duration: 19 September 2021 to 6 February 2022

Our relationships with digital devices have become closer during the pandemic, maybe even closer than we would wish for. Digital technology helps us make connections and it can take the place of face-to-face encounters like a prosthesis. It expands our sensorium and creates projection surfaces for our desires. Digital helpers are increasingly tailored to our intimate human needs. But can human closeness really be relegated to a machine?

Das Foto ist ein Werk von Duo Mobiel: "Free the Expression". Es zeigt zwei Hände, die Handys halten. Auf den Bildschirmen sind Porträts zu sehen.

Duo Mobiel, Free the Expression, 2019 © Künstler, Photo: Ant Eye

The exhibition “Me and My Machine” sheds light on the symbiosis between humans and digital machines. In both humorous and serious ways, it questions our current relationship to everyday digital tools: Where are the possibilities and limits? How are our desires satisfied and how do dependencies and impotence in the face of problems in our society manifest themselves?

Das Foto zeigt das Werk "Robot" von Susanna Hertrich. Eine schlafende Frau umarmt ein künstlich wirkendes Objekt.

Susanna Hertrich, Robot, 2009-10, © Künstlerin, Photo: Künstlerin

The exhibition invites visitors to experiment with creative digital tools, to interact with paintings and installations and to interrogate their own bodies. Visitors will be able to enter virtual worlds and be encouraged to exchange ideas about changing habits and about their experiences with delimitation and return.

The participating artists are: Ant Eye (Hanneke Klaver und Tosca Schift), Sophie de Oliveira Barata (The Alternative Limb Project), Aram Bartholl, Candoco Dance Company, Beate Gärtner, Susanna Hertrich, Tomasz Kwapien, Till Nachtmann and Stefan Silies, Johanna Reich, Becker Schmitz.

Duo Mobiel, Free the Expression, 2019 © Künstler, Photo: Ant Eye