On Site 2024 - Art Family

An Exhibition of Duisburg Artists  


23 March until 12 May 2024

The exhibition VOR ORT 2024 as part of Duisburger Akzente shows the current works of the Duisburg "Art Family" with striking works in the fields of painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, video and photography. 

Ralf Thiesen, o.T. (210923), 2023, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024, photo: Christoph Reichwein

Ralf Thiesen, o.T. (210923), 2023, © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2024, photo: Christoph Reichwein

Artists' associations are communities in which artists support each other, organize exhibitions together and raise their voices for their interests. At the same time, artists' groups are also communities in which questions of art and society are intensively debated. The result is an inspiring, creative and sometimes controversial exchange of ideas, convictions and artistic positions. There have also been traditional associations and artist communities in Duisburg for many years. Just like in a family, artists from different generations form a group that develops together, changes and goes down common paths.

The following artists are exhibiting: Benjamin Tiberius Adler, Regina Bartholme, Sigrid Beuting, Christina Böckler, Inken Boje, Fee Brandenburg, Christoph Breitmar, Barbara Deblitz, Susan Feind, Martin Gensheimer, Friederike Huft, Michael Kiefer, Gert Kiessling, Evangelos Koukouwitakis, Barbara Koxholt, Renate Krupp, Britta Lauer, Jonas Meyburg, Magdalena Morosini, Sigrid Neuwinger, Hannah Samira Peifer, Ralf Raßloff, Katrin Roth, Eugen Schilke, Martin Schmitz, Lisa Seidel, André Schweers, Cornelia Schweinoch-Kröning, Ralf Thiesen, Alexander Voß, Ulrike Waltemathe.

The exhibition is sponsored by the City of Duisburg and the Duisburger Akzente.